Summer School

Summer School 2022, 10-15 July

The Training Activity refers to a 5-day long International Summer School which is going to take place 10-15 July 2022 in Greece. This will be an intensive study programme that will train teachers, artists, educators to engage school students to NEXT STEP activities but most important will be used as an exchange of ideas setting. The participants will be able to bring their experiences and also learn about the Operation of the STEAM IDEAS’ Square approaches. The participants will act as co-creators and will collaborate in person after their experience in the previous school year. They will be able to work with the organisers, to simulate the STEAM IDEAS’ Square, in order to update the material and finalise the approach and provide recommendations for the sustainability of the NEXT STEP Approach. The participants will be related with the project’s partners and will be trained to act as ambassadors in their countries and beyond. The activities have a dual purpose of enhancing the intensive study programme’s training but also providing an innovative combination of formal and non-formal education. The various activities will be targeted towards a number of different target groups and focusing on student. The Material from O2 will be used within the Summer School.
The NEXT STEP Summer School will also be open to the wider public, and potentially interested external teachers, education professionals and artists.