Dr. Rosa Doran & Sara Anjos

STEAM and interdisciplinary learning: lessons from international STEAM projects

December 7th, 16:20 – 17:00

STEAM and interdisciplinary learning: lessons from international STEAM projects
By Dr. Rosa Doran & Sara Anjos – NUCLIO

Science learning can happen anywhere at any time, in various situations, through spontaneous exposure in different contexts and from various sources and motives (Falk, Storksdieck & Dierking, 2007). Bringing these learning moments into the classroom, so that they can be discussed and consolidated, is an ongoing effort for STEM education: bridging the gap between students’ everyday lives and the school environment. Every content and experience (inside or outside the classroom) can be a catalyst for learning, including artistic and aesthetic features that are often overlooked when we refer to STEM education. The skills required to develop a scientific thought (or even a scientific product) and reflect on its implications and applications, suggest the use of abstract, critical and creative thinking. This is common to many areas of knowledge, which reinforces the need for interdisciplinary learning. Otherwise, we are facing the risk of missing several learning opportunities.

Taking these aspects into consideration, we propose in this workshop to share best practices in STEAM education from various points of view. We will use the experiences, knowledge and resources developed in different international projects (e.g. InSTEAM, PLATON, Polar Star, IDiverSE), deepening our understanding of how STEAM works in society.