NEXT STEP Workshop

The NEXT STEP Workshop





December 6th, 15:50 – 19:20

(coffee breaks in-between)
Organized by the NEXT STEP Project, Moderated by Oded Ben Horin, HVL & Menelaos Sotiriou, Science View

The NEXT STEP workshop will provide a hands-on environment in which participants will experience a real-life challenge as inspiration for an inquiry process simultaneously occurring in and through the five disciplines which together comprise STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics. Following the presentation of a scientific problem, ideas and potential solutions will be explored within five break-out rooms corresponding to the STEAM disciplines. Together, these represent the STEAM IDEAS’ SQUARE: the conceptual and practical arena which the NEXT STEP project will develop and implement as the heart of European schools’ engagement with STEAM education. The outcomes of each of the five break-out rooms will be shared with, and then further developed, by all participants of the workshop in order to provide a deep understanding of the advantages of approaching today’s challenges from the perspectives of multiple disciplines. The workshop will end with a reflection session during which we will consider how NEXT STEP, based on the outcomes of the participants’ own contributions during the workshop, can further the state of the art with regard to current European STEAM education approaches, theories and more.