NEXT STEP Competence-based Framework

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Competence-based Framework

NEXT STEP project is proposing to develop a competence-based framework that builds on the essential features of STEAM learning including exploration, dynamics of discovery, student-led activity, engagement in scientifically oriented questions, priority to evidence in responding to questions, formulations of evidence-based explanations, connection of explanations to scientific knowledge, and communication and justification of explanations which is tailor-made to achieve quality learning in the wake of the Corona-virus limitations on schools. These elements support creativity as a generic element in the processual and communicative aspects of the pedagogy by integrating arts (visual arts, performing arts, design, music) and proposing innovative teaching strategies that will offer students high participation and enable them to generate highly imaginative possibilities and supports students’ deeper learning. Based on project- and inquiry-based approaches students will be asked to create innovative projects involving external stakeholders. The proposed pedagogical framework will guide the teachers in these interventions, will provide the reference for the development of the assessment approach of the project and will provide the necessary requirements for classroom environment re-organisation and possible curriculum re-design that are required.

You can download the The NEXT STEP competence-based framework by clicking below