Jean-François Réveillard


Jean-François Réveillard

Keynote Abstract:

Metaverse, application demonstration and features

Metaverse is a high topic today. Many companies, Facebook, Google, Windows, Amazon speak about and invest a lot around the world, predicting the next step after world wide web.

We, all of us, by using several tools like social network, communication app, even computer and many other devices, are in fact already inside metaverse.

Through a live demonstration inworld (inside virtual world) by visiting concrete and finalized projects, Réveillard demonstrate  what kind of application can be developed and used for educational purpose.

Jean-François Réveillard built for the virtual Ellinogermaniki Agogi  island, several virtual environments dedicated to VR-learning:  classrooms,   library,  exhibition area,  serious  game, and  conference room existing since 2007, shown during the keynote, demonstrating the next step that we’ll have to face now.

The future of metaverse is also connected with the phenomena of NFT and use of blockchain. Réveillard  also shows at the end a concrete demonstration of what kind of application we can create inside metaverse using NFT.

To summarize, the topic is huge, but we can’t ignore it in order to obtain a full view of tomorrow, and even today, with more and more users particularly the new generations.

Short CV of the Speaker:

Jean-François Réveillard is a precursor  in digital art and world wide web, founder of the first webtv in 1997  he likes to define himself as a “cross media picture maker”.

After study of chemistery and biochemistry he decides to follow his early age connection with creation, making video art and starts digital performance in the early 80’s. Curious about science and technology, always in advance of its time, builder and designer  in virtual, using 3D printing, having his own studio in Switzerland.

Naturally the world of education crossed his destiny with projects initiated by Ellinogermaniki Agogi, requesting  to use high technology and searching concepts connected with the digital era.

Always searching and making concret artwork, using digital tools, JfR presented his works during successful exhibitions in several towns like London, Zurich, Basel, Parma, Paris, Tokyo, Athens

Actually making research and study about NFT with partners involved in VR – AR and working daily on his artwork, Jean-Francois Réveillard stays as pioneer in the field of the digital century.

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