Take the NEXT STEP

The NEXT STEP’s vision for a creative and innovative school is the development of the creative and innovative classroom of tomorrow, the STEAM IDEAS’ Square, in which education relies on an interdisciplinary, arts-based methodology within an entrepreneurship and design thinking framework.

NEXT STEP project will provide well-tested and yet tailor-made solutions in Skills development and inclusion through creativity and the arts, proposing an effective operation of the “creative and innovative school”.

NEXT STEP’s STEAM IDEAS’ Square will be a place, a facility, a meeting place. It’s a place between science, art and the society to connect all the stakeholders and draw ideas that will be realised with a common purpose, the well-being of the local/national/international community. It will FEEL societal needs, will explore and IMAGINE novel solutions for the future so to CREATE these within the school and SHARE it with the community. It’s a facility designed to generate new ideas in an open and collaborative environment, to promote experimental innovation and rapid prototyping for art/science-related projects

The NEXT STEP in STEAM Education

The project is a collaboration between several actors (teachers, students, artists, scientists, researchers) that will come together and exchange ideas and practices. The participants will come from 4 European countries (Greece, Norway, Portugal and Ireland) that will collaborate and exchange ideas and practices according to their cultural and socioeconomic background. To achieve project’s goals and to foster its inclusiveness, interculturality and interdisciplinarity is necessary; this could be only achieved by the internationality of the project’s implementation. The trends regarding gender and social inequalities in STEM education are common across Europe and the introduction of arts practices through interdisciplinary educational methodologies work universally.